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People working at desks in an office

How to Save Money on Technology for Your New Business

As the owner of a new business, you can’t afford not to use technology. Deploying the right tech can help you win over new customers, leverage data in powerful ways, be more productive and ultimately grow your business.  Moreover,…

comments | posted 4 weeks ago under Technology
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Megan Sherwood, co-owner and vice president of client services at Hivehouse Digital Technology

How I Did It: Added a Chatbot to Attract New Customers

I discovered the beauty of chatbots as a consumer. They’re helpful, easy-to-use and convenient—providing online…

Small business owners looking at a checkout terminal Management

Business Owner Roundup: How Are You Reducing the Impact of Inflation at Your Business?

Inflation has been growing at its fastest clip in more than 40 years, and it…

Business employees using internet on their computers Technology

How to Choose an Internet Provider for Your Business—3 Tips

When running a business—no matter where you’re running it from—you’ll want to get a business…