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Business owner looking at calendar on laptop computer

Business Owner Roundup: What’s the Best Change You’ve Made Recently?

The world has gone through significant change over the past few years; it’s only natural that business owners have to rethink and refresh some of their practices. We asked business owners the best change they’ve decided to make in…

comments | posted 2 weeks ago under Management
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Person’s thumb pushing the Love button on a social media site New Businesses

3 Social Media Marketing Tips for a New Small Business

Social media is a powerful—and low-cost—way for a new business to engage an audience and…

Business owner talking on phone with customer Management

4 Tips for Improving Business Phone Calls

Despite all the ways people can now communicate with businesses, the vast majority still prefer…

Meaghan Thomas, co-owner and president of Pinch Spice Market Marketing

How I Did It: Generated Online Reviews to Grow Our Business

When I met my life partner, Thomas McGee, in 2014, he was an organic spice…