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Insights on Management

Hands typing information into electronic calendar on computer

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Take a Vacation From Your Business This Winter

by Kelly Spors

Whether you’re dreaming about a tropical vacation—or spending more time with family and friends around…

0 comments | posted 5 days ago under Management
Business employee using route planning software on mobile phone

How Route-Planning Software Can Save Your Business Money—and Boost Productivity

by Ellen Uzelac

With gas prices surging across the U.S., businesses with employees who drive regularly for their…

0 comments | posted 1 month ago under Management
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Small business owner talking to a voice assistant smart speaker

3 Ways Voice Assistant Technology Can Benefit Your Business

by Margie Zable Fisher

More than 123 million people now use a voice assistant—whether on a smart speaker or…

0 comments | posted 2 months ago under Management
Zachary Smith, founder and owner of Smith’s Pest Management

How I Did It: Created a Productivity-Linked Bonus that Keeps Employees Happy and Productive

by Zachary Smith, founder and owner, Smith’s Pest Management, San Jose, California

About two years ago, employee turnover at my pest management business spiked—as it did for…

0 comments | posted 3 months ago under Management
Person looking at business data on tablet

Business Owner Roundup: Which Metric is Most Important to Your Business?

by Kelly Spors

Data is a powerful tool for gauging business performance and identifying opportunities for growth, better…

0 comments | posted 3 months ago under Management
Business owner looking at calendar on laptop computer

Business Owner Roundup: What’s the Best Change You’ve Made Recently?

by Kelly Spors

The world has gone through significant change over the past few years; it’s only natural…

0 comments | posted 4 months ago under Management
Business owner talking on phone with customer

4 Tips for Improving Business Phone Calls

by Kelly Spors

Despite all the ways people can now communicate with businesses, the vast majority still prefer…

0 comments | posted 4 months ago under Management
Wei-Shin Lai, co-founder and CEO of AcousticSheep

How I Did It: Took My Business Global

by Wei-Shin Lai, co-founder and CEO, AcousticSheep LLC, Erie, Pennsylvania

When I worked as a family physician, I struggled to fall back asleep after patient…

0 comments | posted 5 months ago under Management