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Insights on New Businesses

Paper dolls making a ring around a stack of money

Equity Crowdfunding: Is It Right For Your New Business?

by Margie Zable Fisher

Traditional financing is generally off-limits to new business owners—as most banks won’t lend money to…

0 comments | posted 4 months ago under New Businesses
Business owner meeting with their business mentor

Starting a Company? How to Find the Right Business Mentor

by Margie Zable Fisher

When you’re starting a business, you can’t overlook the value of having someone with experience…

0 comments | posted 5 months ago under New Businesses
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Customer leaving online review on smartphone

How to Encourage Positive Customer Reviews for Your Business

by Margie Zable Fisher

Having positive customer reviews is important for pretty much every business today, but especially for…

0 comments | posted 8 months ago under Marketing, New Businesses
Business owner working on tablet and laptop

5 Technology Needs for Every New Business

by Margie Zable Fisher

Technology helps businesses work faster and smarter while providing a more seamless customer experience. So,…

0 comments | posted 9 months ago under New Businesses
Crumpled pieces of paper next to a paper and pencil

Business Owner Roundup: Top Business Mistakes You Made When Starting Your Company

by Kelly Spors

Call them rookie mistakes or lessons learned. Most new business owners find out the hard…

2 comments | posted 10 months ago under New Businesses
Business owner greeting customers at door

How to Find and Attract Customers to a New Business

by Margie Zable Fisher

As a new business owner, your situation is kind of like the chicken and the…

0 comments | posted 12 months ago under New Businesses
Woman business owner participating in networking group

8 Online Networking Groups and Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

by Ellen Uzelac

If you’re a woman starting or expanding a business, getting advice and insight from other…

0 comments | posted 1 year ago under New Businesses

How I Did It: Started an Online Business

by Marissa Rizzuto, founder, I Love My Pet More Than You, New York City

Before the pandemic, I had started selling my line of fashion-forward merchandise for pet lovers…

2 comments | posted 1 year ago under New Businesses, Sales