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Insights on Marketing

Small business owner talking on mobile phone in store around holiday season

Business Owner Roundup: Holiday Marketing Ideas That Boost Customer Engagement

by Kelly Spors

Whether you own a retail business or not, the holidays can be a great time…

0 comments | posted 7 months ago under Marketing

5 Tips for Using Video to Engage and Win Customers

by Ellen Uzelac

Research shows that using video to engage prospective customers—and existing ones—is highly effective. However, small…

0 comments | posted 8 months ago under Marketing
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Business communicating with customer over chatbot

3 Tips for Building a Winning Customer Contact Strategy

by Kelly Sports

Businesses today have to think about customer communications like they do any other marketing and…

0 comments | posted 10 months ago under Marketing
Customer opening appreciation gift and thank-you note from business

Business Owner Roundup: How Do You Show Loyal Customers Appreciation?

by Kelly Spors

You can’t expect customers will become loyal just because your business exists. You have to…

0 comments | posted 10 months ago under Marketing
Lilian Chen, co-founder and chief operating officer of Bar None Games

How I Did It: Turned Early Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

by Lilian Chen, co-founder and chief operating officer, Bar None Games, New York City

When our startup, Bar None Games, launched in 2020, we knew we had built something…

0 comments | posted 11 months ago under Marketing

Business Owner Roundup: What’s Your Most Successful Marketing Tactic?

by Kelly Spors

The world of small business marketing is constantly evolving, and the way businesses practice it…

0 comments | posted 12 months ago under Marketing
Woman looking into her mobile phone and talking

5 Smart Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Online Store

by Richard Sine

It’s easier than ever to start an ecommerce business, but with about 2.5 million online…

0 comments | posted 1 year ago under Marketing
Trevor Martin, co-owner and CEO of Noms, a corporate gifting company based in Tempe, Arizona

How I Did It: Use QR Codes to Take Our Customer Experience to New Heights

by Trevor Martin, Co-Owner and CEO, Noms, Tempe, Arizona

When starting my family-owned corporate gifting company in 2015, I knew we had a terrific…

0 comments | posted 1 year ago under Marketing