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Insights on Marketing

Customer leaving online review on smartphone

How to Encourage Positive Customer Reviews for Your Business

by Margie Zable Fisher

Having positive customer reviews is important for pretty much every business today, but especially for…

0 comments | posted 1 month ago under Marketing, New Businesses
Customer leaving business review on smartphone

Business Owner Roundup: What's Been Your Most Effective Marketing Tactic in 2021?

by Kelly Spors

With so much going on in the world recently, marketing—both to consumers and business owners—has…

0 comments | posted 2 months ago under Marketing
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Business recording video for influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing for Small Business: How to Make It Successful

by Margie Zable Fisher

Influencer marketing—relying on people who have built a large online presence (“influencers”) to market a…

1 comments | posted 3 months ago under Marketing
Female employee looking at computer screen

6 Tips to Make Your Business Website Design More Useful—and Win Customers

by Margie Zable Fisher

Whether you’re building a new business website—or refreshing an existing one—you should always be thinking…

0 comments | posted 4 months ago under Marketing
Small business owner interacting with customer

Business Owner Roundup: How Do You Create Repeat Customers?

by Kelly Spors

Every business wants to win new customers, but realistically, it’s far easier and more profitable…

2 comments | posted 7 months ago under Marketing
Business owner networking online

Is Clubhouse the Right Social Network For Your Business?

by Ellen Uzelac

Clubhouse—an audio-only social media app—is emerging as a big trend in online professional networking. But…

0 comments | posted 7 months ago under Marketing

How I Did It: Built a Successful Customer Referral Program

by Arash Fayz, co-founder and executive director, LA Tutors 123, Beverly Hills, California

We started our test preparation and tutoring company more than a decade ago to provide…

1 comments | posted 8 months ago under Marketing
Business owner videotaping herself for low-budget marketing

Starting a Business? 6 Free and Low-Budget Marketing Ideas to Kickstart Sales

by Margie Zable Fisher

Ever heard the phrase, “Nothing happens until a sale is made?” Thomas Watson Sr., chairman…

3 comments | posted 9 months ago under Marketing, New Businesses